The Kiton Project

The Kiton Project

To live in Naples is to know that you can pursue your dreams, because here, they can come true.” Embodying this philosophy, Kiton has become a cornerstone of Neapolitan tailoring, and is recognized globally by its distinctive and meticulous craftsmanship. Using only the highest quality fabrics and raw materials, as per the Naples tradition, Kiton represents the peak elegance and style Italy has to offer.

Born from humble beginnings in eighteenth century Italy, the Kiton project has grown from a small Naples workshop to an international sensation. These handcrafted garments range from ties to sport coats to shoes to everything in between.

Looking for an accent piece to pull your suit together? Look no further than our Kiton ties! These modern and unique patterns are like no other designer. With a wide range of colors and styles, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect tie—and your suit will thank you.


Ever wonder what it’s like to be royalty? Well it’s certainly no accident that "Kiton" is derived from the word “chitone,” the ceremonial garments of ancient Greek aristocrats. You’ll see why the moment you pull on an artisan-crafted Kiton cashmere sport coat. You may not have been born into royalty, but there’s no reason you can’t dress like it. Shop our wide variety of colors and patterns.

Kiton’s line of Regal Cashmere Sweaters will make you wish for sweater weather year-round. Handmade in Italy with “exceptionally soft and plush” fabrics, these sweaters are great for dressing up or dressing down. Wear it at the office under a Kiton sport coat, or pair it with your favorite jeans and a Kiton belt for a casual cigar bar outing on Saturday night. The hardest decision is which color to get.


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